In my new body of work, Cathedral, I explore the psychological architecture of religion and the complex mental structures that we create in order to perceive our human nature. Building upon a simple idea or a solitary word, we construct elaborate belief systems to enshrine our most sacred values. Through repetition and recitation, ideas and words carry associations that are deeply ingrained in the psyche. Chants, mantras, and incantations transcend language and penetrate the inner sanctum of the mind, revealing that the object of worship is the Self.

My work is composed of letters and words cut from paper to create intricate designs. I find my source material in books, particularly religious texts, and in my own hand-typed pages. The words that I choose reflect my interest in religion and psychology. I am also interested in words that evoke common associations while eliciting subjective reactions. Language is an imperfect form of communication, yet an isolated word can often resonate with memory and emotion. As I type a word over and over, its meaning slowly fades until all that is left is ink, paper, and the sound of the typewriter keys. The back of the paper that supports my work is painted, and the colors reflect off the words behind them. The patterns that emerge from the reflected color carry as much substance as the word itself. Through this ritual of painting, typing, cutting, and gluing, I create a field of symbols that resists a single interpretation. Once the meaning of a word is dissolved, what remains is an essence, a signifier of its former content.

- April 2019